All about Jill Dyer...


Jill Dyer has studied under many master craftsmen from Sydney, Brisbane & England.  She has been tutoring since 1995 & has held over 200 workshops in more than 25 towns across central & regional Queensland.  She has been commissioned from all over Australia & internationally.   Dyer’s work has been seen in 16 exhibitions nationally & was selected to be part of the “Australian Expressions”, a Contemporary Art & Design Exhibition in Singapore. 


Jill lives with her husband & 2 children on a cattle station 20km north- west of Aramac; 140kms north east of Longreach.


“I develop strong feelings for each of my pieces. This is only natural when you spend a large amount of time together. The concept; usually forged as a doodle in a meeting or an image in my mind, would change design, elements & sometimes purpose, many times. 


This process I find “mind maddening” & strangely enough, invigorating. It consumes my every waking moment, distracting me during other tasks, limits my ability to sleep, until at last it comes together.  It is then that I am certain & gloriously relieved, that the piece has reached its absolute full potential.”


Enthusiasm for beauty & form coupled with the pleasure of working with durable metals are the fundamentals of Jill’s work.